• significantly higher laying speed to eliminate the need to compact concrete
  • surfaces after form removal achieve a higher level of surface finish


  • use in both vertical and horizontal structural elements of buildings as a replacement for concrete with a stiffer consistency
  • concreting intricately shaped architectural elements and hard-to-reach or densely reinforced structures

Shipping method

  • concrete mixer trucks

Technical parameters

maximum aggregate grain used:
Dmax8 – for densely reinforced structures
Dmax16 – for other applications
ideal consistency (Abrams cone slump test):
SF1 (550 – 650 mm)
SF2 (660 – 750 mm)
strength class:
from C30/37 to C50/60

The average values given in the product sheet are of a purely informative nature and may differ from the specific samples.


The product is certified pursuant to the standard STN EN 206+A2 as self-compacting.