• water-permeable concrete retains water (thus contributing to the cooling of the micro climate)
  • shape stability over time
  • eliminates the risk of deformation


  • walking/surface layer of city pavements, cycle paths, driveways or squares
  • possibility to use as a base for paving
  • replacement of compacted aggregates

Shipping method

  • in-house/contract transport on truck bed (the material must be protected to prevent evaporation)
  • concrete mixer trucks

Technical parameters

maximum aggregate grain used:
Dmax8 – walkable surfaces; base under pavers
Dmax16 – base under pavers with a requirement for higher water flow
minimum water flow: 80L/min/m2
concrete strength class: C8/10, C12/15, C16/20, C20/25

The average values given in the product sheet are of a purely informative nature and may differ from the specific samples.


The product is certified pursuant to the standard STN EN 206+A2 with an additional declaration of a minimum porosity of 15%.