We know gypsum in both natural and artificial form. An artificial alternative is anhydrite, which is often formed as a by-product in thermal power plants, in the production of citric acid or as a result of gypsum conversion due to dehydration. This material does not contain water, so it is harder and easier to crush. One of its advantages is that it is chemically stable. Visually you will recognise it by the fact that it is a fine powder that, when mixed with water, resembles yeast. Unlike anhydrite, natural gypsum contains water. The liquid component ensures that the material is softer, and this also facilitates mining in the quarries. As with other natural materials, gypsum and anhydrite stocks are limited resources, which means that more focus needs to be on alternative materials going forward. We obtain gypsum and anhydrite in the Fortuna mine in Bohúňov by mining the raw material. Raw material extraction consists of the following activities:

  • drilling
  • blasting
  • removal
  • crushing
  • storage shipment

Shipping method

We offer natural anhydrite and gypsum to customers in a mono fraction of 0/50 mm, with transport also available.