• significantly lower labour and faster installation
  • high surface flatness
  • suitable for humid environments
  • smooth radiant heating through the floor thanks to perfect pipe encapsulation


  • suitable as a part of a layered floor (under PVC, wood plank, laminate floors, carpets)
  • suitable for encapsulating underfloor heating

Shipping method

  • concrete mixer trucks

Technical parameters

maximum aggregate grain used:
ideal consistency (Haegermann cone slump test):
250 – 280 mm (max. 300 mm)
screed strength class:
CT – C20 – F5
CT – C20 – F6
CT – C25 – F6
CT – C30 – F6

The average values given in the product sheet are of a purely informative nature and may differ from the specific samples.


A product type test according to EN 13813 was prepared for the product and a declaration of parameters was issued by the manufacturer.